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Analgesic gel for oral application

DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL has been providing effective pain relief on gums, lips and mucous membranes in the mouth for many years. The active ingredient of DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL helps to inhibit pain transmission and prevent pain caused by mouth ulcers, pressure points, gingivitis, herpes, and teething. A tiny pea-sized amount is enough for topical applications. Parents with teething babies appreciate the gel as effective and child-appropriate relief during the teething stage.

Dental practices can use DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL in a cylindrical ampoule for painless periodontitis therapy or professional cleaning. Using DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL in the cylindrical ampoule not only reduces the total amount of medication used, but also offers increased comfort to the patient: no pain from the injection and no prolonged numbness after treatment. The ampoules are available in sets of two.

Active ingredient: Lidocaine hydrochloride 1H2O

  • rapid effectiveness within 60 seconds
  • very good side-effect profile (< 0,01 %)
  • free from alcohol, sugar, gluten, and lactose
  • suitable for adults, children, and babies
  • available over the counter

Adults 4 to 8 times daily, children and babies up to 4 times daily: apply a pea-sized amount directly onto the painful area and massage if possible. Tip: dry the area by dabbing it with a cotton bud before application.

  • Tube with 10 g – PZN 01662915 (Germany)
  • Tube with 30 g – PZN 01662921 (Germany)
  • Cylindrical ampoules 2 x 1,7 g — PZN 01662938 (Germany)


Media Datei: Schick die Spritze in den Urlaub – mit DYNEXAN MUNDGEL® in der Zylinderampulle

Schick die Spritze in den Urlaub – mit DYNEXAN MUNDGEL® in der Zylinderampulle

Betäubungsspritzen müssen beim Zahnarzt schwer schuften. Keiner dankt es ihnen – und den Patienten graut es vor dem Pieks. Da darf die Spritze bei einer Professionellen Zahnreinigung oder Parodontose Behandlung gerne in den langverdienten Urlaub … mit DYNEXAN MUNDGEL® in der Zylinderampulle können Patient und Spritze ganz entspannt liegen bleiben.

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Media Datei: DYNEXAN MUNDGEL® stoppt den Schmerz!

DYNEXAN MUNDGEL® stoppt den Schmerz!

Zahnung? Aphthen? Wundstellen? Einstichschmerz? DYNEXAN MUNDGEL® stoppt den Schmerz! Zahnarzt Dr. med. dent. Wolfgang Stoltenberg informiert über DYNEXAN MUNDGEL®.

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DYNEXAN® MOUTH GEL. Active ingredient: Lidocaine hydrochloride 1H2O. Application: For temporary, symptomatic pain relief on mucous membranes, gums and lips. Please note: For information on risks and side-effects please read the package insert and consult your doctor or pharmacist. Valid: July 2015. Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co. GmbH, D–65203 Wiesbaden