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To the extent that the website contains information on pharmaceutical preparations, diseases, treatment etc., this does not constitute an alternative to the advice and recommendation of, or examination and treatment by a physician or pharmacist. Please consult only your doctor if you need advice on health problems.

We can only give you access to certain information on prescription-only medicinal products if you are a healthcare professional as defined in Section 10 of the German Act on Advertising for Health Products (“Heilmittelwerbegesetz”). For this reason, part of the content on the Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co. GmbH website is protected from access by anyone other than healthcare professionals. There must be no attempt to circumvent these protective measures. Any such attempt constitutes a violation of these Terms of Use.

Data Protection

Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co. GmbH is aware that the security of your private information when using our website is an important concern. For this reason we take the safeguarding of your personal data very seriously. We would, therefore, like you to know when we store what data and how we use it. This Data Protection Statement is intended to provide you with information on our data protection measures.

Collection of Data

In principle you can use the Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co. GmbH website without disclosing your personal data. When you access our website, data is stored on our servers for security purposes; this may be, e.g., the browser type and version, the name of your Internet service provider, the website from which you visit our homepage, the websites that you visit on our homepage, your IP address and the time of the server request. This data is stored exclusively for internal system-related and statistical purposes; however the individual user will as a rule remain anonymous. The data mentioned above is not combined with any other data sources.

Processing of Personal Data

Personal data is only collected if you supply it to us voluntarily, e.g. as part of registration for services such as “Database”, “Newsletter” or “Online surveys”, by completing forms or sending e-mails, when ordering or requesting products, information material or other services. Third parties are not given access to your personal data unless we have obtained your consent, or it is subject to an administrative order or a legal obligation, or it is required in order to handle orders, requests etc. Please note that you are under no obligation to provide information. However you may then not be able to use or may only have restricted use of certain offers, services, orders, enquiries etc.

Stored Data

It is unavoidable that the data transmitted to us by your browser will automatically be stored in server statistics. This data includes the browser type and version, the operating system used, the referrer URL (the last page visited), the accessing computer’s host name (IP address) and the time of the server request. This storing of data is for internal system-related and statistical purposes only. Any further personal data is collected only if you supply this information voluntarily, for instance as part of an enquiry or registration. As a rule it is not possible for us to attribute the data mentioned above to any specific person or persons and it is not combined with any other data sources.

Right of Information

We will be happy to provide you with information on your personal data stored with us. An e-mail is all it takes if you have any questions on the way your data is treated.

Right of Revocation

You are entitled to revoke your permission for the future use of personal data at any time. Your personal data will be deleted if you withdraw your consent to its being stored, if the data is no longer required to fulfil the specific purpose of its being stored or if storing of the data is unlawful for other legal reasons. All you need to do is to send an e-mail to the e-mail address given in the “Legal Information”.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are identifiers which may be sent to your computer by a web server in order to identify it while you are visiting the website. We use cookies whenever a member of the medical profession logs on to the especially reserved area using DocCheck.

Use of Google Analytics

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our webmaster who will be happy to help you. Due to the ongoing development of the Internet, we need to adapt our Data Protection Statement from time to time. We therefore reserve the right to undertake the relevant modifications at any time.

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